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16. Fines, expenses, fees and administrative costs. The tenant agrees to pay all fines, penalties and legal fees for parking, traffic, toll and other violations, including storage instructions and fees during the rental period. The renter also pays a reasonable administrative fee in case of violation of this agreement, for example.B. for the removal or restoration of the car for any reason. The Tenant agrees that the Landlord may, in our sole discretion, pay directly to the Competent Authority all tickets, quotes, fines and penalties on your behalf, and the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord what the Owner has paid to the Competent Authority or its designated representatives, plus a reasonable administrative fee. They declare their agreement and acknowledge that the Owner cooperates with all federal, state, local and municipal officials responsible for enforcing these offences in order to provide all necessary information that they may request or otherwise require. If you`re not sure what a whistleblower is telling you, you should go to the recruiting location as soon as possible for advice on any further action. (g) by reason of the attachment or use of the equipment on the vehicle, including roof racks, bicycle racks, snow chains and trailers. rear lifters, ramps and associated equipment; (h) as a result of towing, repairs or modifications of vehicles carried out without our prior consent; (i) in respect of a commercial vehicle, the incorrect use or non-use of AdBlue or the filling of another product from the vehicle`s AdBlue tank; or (j) mechanical damage or failure caused by your failure to immediately clean the vehicle components of mud, dirt and dust if you use the vehicle for mining, civil or construction projects or in environments or other isolated areas; and (k) by the installation or use of a toll mark in the vehicle.

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