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Whatever happens, name yourself in a way worthy of the Gospel of Christ. So whether I come to see you or hear about you only in my absence, I will know that you are firmly in one spirit and that you aspire together as one for the faith of the Gospel. (Philip 1,27) Most misunderstandings and disagreements with God`s Word can be easily resolved by reading the context of the message. Brothers can walk together in god`s love, even if they disagree. (b) Thus, the Prophet means that he does not speak of himself, but that he guides and moves him, which is called the agreement between God and his prophets. Amos 3:3 Parallel Comments After seven years of marriage, the verse in the Bible of Amos 3:3 « How can two walk together if they are not agreed? » more true than ever? Who would want to live miserably together? And a marriage in which two go separately is not a marriage, as God had intended. I couldn`t agree anymore! I can say from experience that praying together strengthens a marriage more than any other activity. Do two men go together, unless they have made an appointment? (Amos 3:3 NASB) Will two of them leave together, unless they have agreed? (Amos 3:3 JPS Tanach 1917) Letter xxxvi (c. 1131 AD) to the same Hildebert who had not yet recognized the innocent of the Lord as pope.

To the same Hildebert who had not yet recognized the Lord Innocent as pope. He urged him to recognize Innocent, now exiled in France because of Peter Leonis` schisma, as the legitimate pope. To the great prelate most sublime in his glory, Hildebert, by the grace of the Archbishop of Tours, Bernard, called Archbishop of Clairvaux, sends his greetings and prays that he will walk in the Spirit and mentally recognize everything. 1. Thus, the prophet means that he does not speak for himself, but that he guides him and acts like God, which is called the agreement between God and his prophets. First, I hear that when you come together as a Church, there are divisions between you, and to some extent, I believe so. (1 Corinthians 11,18) Divine support and protection[What shall we say about these things then?] If God is for us, who can be against us? D passions of joy or sadness, admiration or gratitude are moderated when we are able to find words that fully describe their emotions. If they rise very high, the tongue is too weak to express it; and the person is either lost in silence or feels something that, after his most laborious efforts, is too great for a statement. We can observe the apostle Paul often under this difficulty when we try to excite.

John Newton – Messiah Vol. . .