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Yes. While the government is entitled to a price adjustment for an increase in costs due to erroneous pricing, the contractor may propose offsets if it is able to prove that other data has been underestimated in relation to its proposed contract price and resulting therefrom. These data must have been available for a period up to the date of the price agreement indicated in the certificate. The contractor must also demonstrate that it was unaware that the data was not undervalued at the time of certification. Second, the DoD announced on June 7, 2018, that contract agents will require contractors to execute the current cost certificate or price data « as soon as possible and no later than five business days after the date of the price agreements, » which will significantly reduce the time between the date of the price agreement and the award of contracts5. Assad said the DoD is taking the move in line with Mattis` call to streamline procurement processes. DoD assigns long delays between the price agreement and the award of the contract to the « contractor`s filing of additional cost or price data (referred to as « scan data ») simultaneously, with or after the presentation of the current cost certificate or price data, in accordance with the price agreement. » DoD Found: TINA helps you negotiate trade deals by offering insight into current tariffs, non-tariff measures (NTMs), bilateral trade agreements and flows, and identifying raw materials on which better tariffs can be negotiated. What savings do you already have agreements with? And with what rates? actual hourly rates paid under a union agreement; TINA provides an overview of trade agreements as well as tariffs and non-tariff measures at the HS6 level. As I said in the United States. Defense Minister`s threshold for Obtain Certified Cost and Pricing Data Class Deviation 2018-O001215, the threshold for obtaining certified cost or price data was increased from US$750,000 in 2018 to $2 million. The increase gives a contract manager greater discretion to allow possibly certified cost or price data for acquisitions between the simplified acquisition threshold of $750,000 and $2 million.

The increase would cover most routine acquisitions. A memorandum of 7 June 2018 requires contract agents to request the execution of the Certificate of Current Cost or price data16 no later than 5 working days after the date of the price agreement. TINA can process and analyze millions of lines of trade data in seconds to give trade negotiators, policymakers and researchers useful insight into bilateral trade flows, trade agreements, tariffs, non-tariff measures (NTMs), regulatory distance, and (bilateral) comparative advantages uncovered at the 6-digit commodity (HS) level. In addition, TINA can help you identify raw materials for which you can negotiate reduced tariffs, indicating your interested economy and a potential trading partner. In addition, by running a SMART (Partial Equilibrium) model, TINA can simulate the potential gains from discounted rates. Finally, TINA can help you assess the impact of a possible loss of preferential treatment, for example. B consequence of the graduation of LDCs. TINA gratefully uses data from UNSCAP, UN Comtrade, WTO, UNCTAD and the World Bank. If you find TINA useful, please share this website with your friends and colleagues.

Thank you very much. These modifications are ultimately a mixed bag for contractors. The increase in the TINA threshold means that fewer contracts are subject to the submission of cost data or to erroneous prices and price controls.. . . .

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