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Typically, the arbitrator needs supporting evidence such as a complete signed inventory, check-in and check-out reports, dated photo/video evidence, invoices, rental statements; and any other documented correspondence between the parties in support of the allegations raised. Although all rentals must have a formal written agreement, licenses do not always require them. For example, written agreements are not required in the following circumstances: when a deposit enters the dispute resolution mechanism, the arbitrator`s role is to make an arbitral award based on evidence presented by both parties. In all disputes, the first evidence an arbitrator needs is the lease. Forget it, and your claim will probably fail at the first hurdle. In any case, if the resident completes the agreement and there are no problems for the entire duration, the full amount will be refunded at the end of the term. This part includes the dispute resolution process, which is very important for outsource some of the scenarios that usually occur. For example: In case of late payment of rent, what penalty will be awarded. The main goal is to pay all unpaid utility bills that have not been paid during the rental period, such as water, electricity, and wastewater. This is usually 50% of the rent for a month. In addition, the lease clearly describes the responsibilities of the landlord and tenant throughout the rental period. If these conditions are not met by the landlord, tenants may be compelled to bear the consequences, para.

B example if the owner suddenly decides to shut down all utilities.

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