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(A) DISTRIBUTIONS AND PAYMENTS: It is recognized by the Tennessee General Assembly that a trust created for the permanent maintenance or improvement of a cemetery or burials reduces the burden on the government and that such a trust is therefore declared a non-profit trust. In this regard, it is considered acceptable for a Trust Corporation such as the Graves Cemetery Trust Corporation to manage the eternal care of Graves Cemetery and to act as an agent. The beneficiaries of the trust are the blood or marriage members of the Graves Line as well as the families whose ancestors were buried on graves Cemetery. The trustee of this trust intends that the directors make the distributions authorized by the directors who derive their authority from the Board of Directors of grave Cemetery Trust Corporation, a tennessee non-profit corporation. This PERPETUAL CEMETERY TRUST AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as « GRAVES CEMETERY PERPETUAL CARE TRUST ») is entered into on the fifth day of April 2018 by and between Rusty Graves, Mac McLemore, Billy Edwards, Kenny P. Graves and Barbara Volner as officials of Graves Cemetery, an unregistered association, as co-trusters and with Kenny P. Graves, Rusty Graves, Mac McLemore, Billy Edwards and Barbara Volner as co-trusts of this trust, which will be identified below as THE GRAVES CEMETERY PERPETUAL CARE TRUST, established as a trust for the sole benefit and use of Graves Cemetery Trust Corporation for the maintenance of the cemetery known as Graves Cemetery and managed in accordance with the following conditions: At a time when, for one reason or another, the board of directors of Graves Cemetery Trust Corporation does not meet for regular or necessary meetings, the directors are only allowed to spend funds on the maintenance of the cemetery. Maintenance includes the construction of the cemetery for additional burials; Sale of land or burials to those related to the Graves family by blood or marriage, or to those whose ancestors were buried in the cemetery, mowers and grass cuts; maintenance of pavilions and panels; Removal of debris, planting and removal of ornamental trees and/or shrubs, maintenance of pavements and absorption of funds from any source for placement in TIMOTHY MAXIE GRAVES PERPETUAL TRUST FUNDaccount. (B) LOANS AND QUALIFICATIONS: fiduciary loyalty is required on the part of the co-religionists. However, co-trustees and all descendants are not required to qualify in court and are exempt from filing documents and accounts in court. The President and Treasurer of Graves Cemetery Trust Corporation, who are also directors of TIMOTHY MAXIE GRAVES PERPETUAL TRUST FUNDand, may be designated by the Directors as persons authorized to write cheques and provide quarterly and annual accounts to the Directors and Board of Directors of Graves Cemetery Trust Corporation.

(B) SPECIAL POWERS OF THE AGENT: (1) RETAIN TRUST ESTATE: Without liability for any loss or depreciation resulting from such retention, to retain the original property and all other property transferred, imagined or bequeathed to the agent for a period that the agent considers advisable, although such ownership is not in accordance with the legality or imposed by the terms of this Agreement. the trust funds and although it has a significant percentage of the entire trust; This original property can therefore be considered as a permanent investment. (4) OPTIONS, WARRANTS, PUTS, CALLS, COMMODITY ACCOUNTS AND MARGIN: Co-agents are expressly authorized to buy, sell or transfer options, warrants, puts, calls, property, futures, repo transactions, and to maintain brokerage-margin accounts if there are liquid assets that are part of the estate. . . .

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