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(1) Any supplier agreement requires the supplier to fully comply with all government and federal laws relating to the Medicaid program, as well as all federal, national and local licensing laws, if necessary, and the exercise of one of the curative arts, and requires the provider to provide services or goods that are no less than the volume and quality it offers to the general public. (a) register the applicant as a Medicaid provider; or (d) the demonstration of compliance with the Level 2 test requirements at point 435.04, conducted within 12 months of the date the Medicaid supplier`s application is submitted to the Agency, must meet the requirements of this subsection. Proof that the Requirements for Level 1 screening at p. 435.03, conducted within 12 months of the date the Medicaid supplier application is filed with the Agency, must meet the requirement that the Department of Justice Defense conduct a state criminal record check. (a) have, at the time of signing the contract for the provision of services, a valid professional or installation licence, relevant to the services or goods provided, as required by the state or the place where the supplier is located and, if necessary, by the federal government. 2. Any supplier agreement is a voluntary contract between the Agency and the provider, in which the provider agrees to comply with all laws and rules relating to the Medicaid program when providing a service or property to a Medicaid recipient, and the Agency agrees to pay an amount determined by the pricing plan, payment method or otherwise for the service or property provided to the Medicaid beneficiary. Any service provider contract is valid for a specified period, may be terminated by both parties after an appropriate announcement and may be renewed by mutual agreement. (a) proof of possession of a valid licence or operating certificate, to the extent that, if applicable, the state or local jurisdiction in which the supplier is located, or where the federal government requires it. 409.907 Medicaid Service Delivery Contracts.-The Agency may only make payments for medical assistance and related services to Medicaid recipients to a natural or legal entity that has an existing supplier agreement with the Agency, provides services or supplies goods in accordance with federal, regional and local laws, and accepts that no person is based on a disability.

, a race, colour or other national origin as part of a program or other activity. for which the supplier receives payments from the Agency. (d) if a group provider, identification of all group members and certification that all members of the group are registered or have enrolled in the Medicaid program. 6. A Medicaid supplier contract may be revoked at the Agency`s choice as a result of a change of ownership of an entity, grouping, partnership or other agency designated as a supplier in the supplier agreement.

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