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Employees can also use the low rates that apply to our group home insurance and auto insurance plans, and for those participating in the benefit program, group rates for additional voluntary life insurance (for family members and family members) as well as the convenience of the salary deduction for group PRSPs…. Recognizing the different needs of our staff, we also offer progressive programs to enhance the employment experience at LHSC, such as: our nurses are represented by the Ontario Nurses` Association at both Victoria Hospital and The University Hospital. hospitals | Retirement homes| Retirement homes| | in the field of clinical public health | Industry| LHINs (ex-CCACs) | Salary mediation of home nurses is based on one step for each year from the last related clinical experience to the maximum of the scale. All nurses receive shift bonuses as follows: LHSC nurses` salaries are consistent with the Ontario Nurses Association Collective Agreement and are consistent with experience. The salary schedule for nursing positions is as follows: The London Health Sciences Centre offers a comprehensive package of benefits, including: The Ontario Nurses` Association negotiates your salaries, benefits and working conditions on your behalf. Get to your contract at the bottom: the salary range of $29.52 – $44.06 per hour with an additional 2% after 25 years of full-time experience. Download here the standard care home contract (French) (end of June 30, 2021). The benefit program is available to all full-time nurses. All other nurses receive 13% of their salary instead of benefits (9% if they participate in the pension plan). Contract Contract Contract Contract Contract Contract Contract Contract Contract The right to leave is based on the obligation to be heard without interruption, since full-time nurses are granted paid leave and part-time nurses receive the corresponding leave allowance as a percentage of their salary, as follows:.

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