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« This agreement is an absolute mess. Swissport submitted them with the intention of locking the workers in additional four-year brackets and exhausting conditions. When the Commission did not approve it in December, Swissport tried to make a patch-up to get it over the line. We don`t think this patch-up work is good enough, and we don`t think the process was fair to the workers. That is why we are appealing this agreement, » said Mr. Kaine. This demand is part of a plan to ensure accountability for successful, powerful businesses at the top of the transportation chain, including airports, and to ensure that they pay their fair share. This year, large-scale trade union actions are coming, with the expiration of 200 enterprise agreements for 38,000 transport workers. The TWU is appealing the approval of a new enterprise contract with Swissport, an aviation stopover assistance company that, according to the Fair Work Commission, last year underpaid its workers who have to sleep at airports. « The aviation standards need to be repealed and this agreement will only bring them down. Low wages, underemployment and the depletion of turnover tables push airport staff into poverty and endanger security.

Airports and airlines must take responsibility for combating the exploitation of workers in their supply chains. The federal government must start by holding airports and airlines to account and creating good, safe airport jobs, » he added. « For years, this company has approved dirty agreements that all aim to rob their workers, force them to scrap for more hours and fight, pay bills. We have managed to force Swissport to make concessions, but this agreement is still far from what thousands of its workers earn, » he added. The Fair Work Commission can also help employers and workers who are embarking on the « New Approaches » program. Learn more about the new approaches on the Fair Labour Commission website. Registered contracts apply until they are terminated or replaced. Swissport was forced to sleep at airports due to low prices and job division.

In December, the Fair Work Commission said the enterprise agreement for 2018 had failed to meet the « best overall test » and set several commitments. In 2017, the Commission rejected the existing enterprise agreement because of low interest rates and jobs. Last year, the Commission terminated the current enterprise agreement due to low interest rates and divisions. The Federal Court of Justice last year rejected Swissport`s offer to obtain permission for the exhausting Split Shifts scheme, which requires workers to stay up to 15 hours at work, even though they have paid only six hours of work, resulting in chronic fatigue. The agreement, which guarantees workers only 60 hours a month, will continue to impoverish and rip off workers, said Michael Kaine, national secretary of the TWU. If a job has a registered contract, the premium does not apply. However, CAPA publishes more than 400 global news briefs every day of the week covering all aspects of the aviation and travel industry. It is the most comprehensive source of market intelligence in the world, with about 50 percent of content translated from non-English sources.

The breadth of our coverage means that you don`t need other sources of information to monitor competitors and stay informed of the latest developments in the aviation industry as a whole. When temperatures soared today, it became clear that bus companies and… Qantas announced today that it made a half-year profit of $771 million. The four major airports made a profit of $2.2 billion. · At Sydney International Airport, 134 people were injured by a 326 Swissport employee. Security incidents, including passengers at Perth Airport, allowed the airline to retrieve its luggage after

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