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For example, tests or certifications carried out by conformity assessment bodies (CABs) designated by the other Party (EU) to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of The First Party (third country) and vice versa. By mutual agreement, he left Kansas. Although they seem to come to some sort of mutual agreement, the relationship is still strained. It is all the more important that we can establish our relations on mutual trust. Dlatego tym ważniejsze jest, byśmy mogli budować nasze relacje na wzajemnym zaufaniu. The agreement also establishes mutual standards for safety and protection. W umowie określa się też wzajemne standardy w odniesieniu do bezpieczeństwa i ochrony. We both enjoyed our relationship with our mutual benefits. Wykorzystywaliśmy nasz związek dla wspólnej korzyści. No one is responsible, except perhaps our common enemy. Winić możemy jedynie naszego wspólnego wroga. (adjective) both common, reciprocal, reciprocal; mutual acquaintance – common knowledge; mutual trust – mutual trust; mutual inductance – physics of reciprocal inductives; mutual hatred – mutual hatred; mutual aid – mutual aid; mutual induction – physics of mutual induction; mutual interests; mutual friend; Mutual Fund – Mutual investment funds, open-end investment funds, investment funds; mutual admiration society; mutual allowances – Reciprocal business discounts; mutual allowances – Reciprocal business discounts; It looks like some sort of mutual agreement is hard….

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